Implementing Domain Driven Design Review Part I – Chapters 1-3

Implementing Domain Driven Design is a new book (2013) by Vernon Vaughn that expands on the works of Eric Evans and Jimmy Nilsson, two influential authors of the past decade. Vaughn starts by giving an overview of the book and what to expect. Like a of people, I suppose, I assumed because I created a model and thought hard about the object relationship that I was doing DDD. As Vaughn points out from the beginning, this is referred to as DDD Lite.

So far I’ve made it through Chapter III and we’ve covered Domains, SubDomains, Generic Domains, Bounded Contexts, Context Maps, and examples of when to use certain techniques. I really identify with the ideas in this either because I’ve had the same ideas myself and am glad to see other people also using these ideas or because they are concepts I generally agree on: keep it as simple as possible, separate concerns, and communicate clearly.

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